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Tali's Wedding Diary is a multi-awarded mockumentary TV series.


The show stars Julia Anastasopoulos as Tali, a Jo’burg princess who moves to Cape Town – and she’s getting married! For the self-involved Tali, marriage isn't an institution - it's an obsession. We follow Tali and her groom (harmless property-bro, Darren) as they prepare for what HAS to be the perfect wedding. Or else.

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Gus Silber


The Weekend Special

Tali_Babes Instagram

We launched Tali's character on Instagram months before the show has aired which created a lot of excitement and anticipation for the show. Tali is still posting videos regularly on her account.

Tali Promo Videos

We created a series of Tali promo videos which launched on YouTube leading up to the release of the show. In each video Tali shares tips and tricks to get you bride ready.

Tali x SuzelleDIY

We used our SuzelleDIY channel to leverage awareness for Tali's Wedding Diary by bringing Tali Babes onto the show as special guest. The two of them didn't really hit it off.

The Making Of